Hi everyone 👋 I'm Michelle, the proud #basicbitch (🙊) behind Basic Beauty! 🦄

I created Basic Beauty for a few reasons... 
1️⃣ As a busy entrepreneurial bunny over the past few years I was fed up with having all different branded skincare products sprawled across my bathroom looking mismatched and half used. I'd never know the orders to use them in and if the ingredients complimented each other.

So guess what?! I'd always flake on my skincare routine after a while. I said to my partner - I just need a line of skincare products that work together and tell me what order to use them in and that I actually want to keep out on my bathroom counter 💡The idea was sparked & I went out to create a simple, effective skincare routine for me and you 😊

2️⃣ I'm all about natural health so ditched the pill earlier this year, but have been struggling with dry skin & hormonal breakouts that I never used to have. I've tried sooo many products and skin tips but couldn't seem to tame it.
So when I went about creating Basic Beauty, I not only wanted to it to be basic in the simple to use sense but also basic in the ingredient sense. Natural, plant based and cruelty free ingredients to work for sensitive skin and help to clear problem areas, so you feel confident in your own skin. So that's what I did! I've been testing on myself for months and I'm happy to say my skin hasn't looked this good for a looong time 😍

The mission and message behind Basic Beauty is to empower you to embrace who you are (no matter how #basic) with a smooth, confident glow 🦄
⚡So a little about me...
I'm the most #basic girl you'll meet so I knew that it had to be part of my vibe to support other #basic beauties to love who they are regardless of what others think #screwthehaters
Some of my basicness includes yoga pants all day every day, blue light glasses, kmart/target obsessed, Starbucks matcha lattes (pictured) or almond lattes, rosé lover, smashed avocado always, top knot bun listening to Beyonce or Tay Tay 😎

Michelle xx